Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost bug free...

Yep, it's that time of the day (or night if you're picky)... Of course, during a work day I can't make much progress but Alhamdulillah so far so good... I have fixed a bunch of bugs, cleaned up the memory game, implemented menu items and most importantly got them Islamic images I have promised you to instead of the random icons from yesterday.... Well, before I get into details of code modifications from today, I wanna break up some good news to you guys... Alhamdulillah as of today, I had a little over 1000 hits (1002 to be exact) on my blog... Only advertising I have done so far was via facebook posts on my wall and the MSA @ U.C. Davis page... So far everyone is asking when can they download the app and good reviews on the UI... I am still waiting for some negative output, c'mon guys, I know it can't be that perfect... lol... Also, surprisingly 30% of the viewers used an apple device (iphone, ipad, ipod, etc...)... and I got one hit from Germany, Malaysia and some other country I can't remember its name without looking (sorry)... I got a couple from UAE and Lebanon and nothing from Canada or Mexico yet... lol... Believe it or not google chrome has more users than both FireFox and IE combined... I don't know about y'all but I am a loyal FireFox fan... Anyway, here is the really shocking one... Someone actually viewed my blog from a Linux box, that I didn't expect to see in this life time... hahaha....

let's get back to the new tweaks in the application UI, I promise I won't say much because we all got to go to work tomorrow morning, or at least the lucky ones get to go to work:

Main Application (Renamed and Re-arranged some of the buttons)

New Memory Game (made it more user friendly and yessss I added an ad. banner)

Made the setting more user friendly

New memory game screen

I clicked on images and got two different images (menbar and hilal)

I clicked on two different images (kabaa)

One last click, I promise (madina and sibha)

More tweaking to the Rules page (Believe it or not this screen has been a pain in the backside, I am finally satisfied with its layout)

Added two new menu items (One to Report Problems if/when you encounter any bugs and the second is to Rate your favorite Application on demand)

You get to pick what email client you'd like to Report the issue/ticket with (see I am nice)

I am nice enough to fill in most of the important information too... Your email, my email, Subject and Email body, HIs and BYEs... See i am not too bad ;)

And I saved the best for the end, Rating your favorite application in the world with three different options. Don't worry I will remind you to do it every once in a while and if you've already did simply click on No, Thanks and you will never see this window again!!! 

I did try to mess some more with the facebook API and I didn't see any features that I'd like to see on this revision... I have also messed some with YouTube and got it to work but I am not sure I am ready to push any Muslim YouTube advertisements yet... We'll see how it all goes after the first release :) I won't be checking in tomorrow because of bowling league but I will try to get some more work done between work and the league (not that much time but who cares, any thing counts at this point)... I forgot to mention, I am not very impressed with the quality of the images I am using for the Islamic memory game but inshAllah we will all together work on making more and more resources available for our Muslim Ummah... So far there isn't really much available for anyone to use and I will try my best to change that with you guys's support :) Finally, I would love to release the app on Eid day; however, I am not sure it's the smartest thing to do even though y'all's reviews make it sound like it's ready for production... I will think on it tonight and tomorrow and get back to you with a decision comes Wednesday inshAllah... I haven't done much marketing or created marketing materials but it looks like you guys are doing a great job, so keep whatever it is you're doing and I will try to get on the obfuscation and marketing material to get this baby out before Friday inshAllah...

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