Sunday, October 21, 2012

Memory Game (check)

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

I have to admit this extremely busy life style must've taken a toll on me since I started to feel pretty sick this afternoon... Not sure whether to blame it on my extended nights of hard work, online chit chatting with one of my best friends who had the flu (you know you can totally catch viruses that way too... get it? I know I am such a nerd lol), talking to Realtors and their buyers about selling my house (I am actually reviewing offers before the end of the week so pray for me inshAllah, plan is to buy a bigger house with a pool and build a half court basketball court on it too!?) or it could be the fact that tomorrow is Monday AND I just hate Mondays (I know astghfarAllah but really, who doesn't!?! Don't get me wrong, I love my job but there is something about Mondays that gives me goosebumps) 

Anyway, enough BS'ing and let's get back to business... I did get the memory game in place (Hooray, I am actually impressed by how fast I got it done and so far my experience programming for the android platform has almost been a breeze. Not sure whether to attribute it all to Google's great designs and APIs (well, some actually suck such as the Google checkout, I'd soooooooo rather use the paypal SDK but I read on multiple threads that Google is removing apps from their market for doing that, after all they've spent some big bucks on it and wanna get paid just like everyone else) had made it easy or all of these years of experience in programming. I mean I am sure I don't make the BIG bucks because I have a pretty smile opposed to the popular belief...  Anyway back to my amazingly amazing app but before that I would like to mention that my writing sucks even more when I am not feeling all that well... Yeah, and you thought it can't get any worse than that... I am sure at some point in the future, I am going to clean up all of these blogs and make them reader friendly but for the time being I assure you this is the last thing on my priority list... 

I have got some new screenshot for y'all, ENJOY:

Yep, I made a couple of changes to the main screen to accommodate the new game and I probably still have to do some more work on it... 

Here is the settings page for the new game, it still needs some tweaking but very functional and ready for you to mess with... (Can you see the full blown Allah's icon now?)

Above you can see the different settings/grids a user can choose from... Of course, they all work perfectly fine but require some layout tweaking :)

Here is what a new 4x4 new memory game screen look like... I know ugly but I really didn't spend much time on the looks and feel or as some call it the skin of the game...

I know what you're all thinking... BUG... nope, it works, I have used it over a million times already... WAllahi, I've just got lucky this one time... you know stuff happens!!!

 I know what you be thinking, cupcake!?!?! What is he thinking... Again, I pulled the images off the net and they are to test out the logic only... I can't wait to show you how cool it'll all look tomorrow night... plus, I will try to add my twist to the game tomorrow inshAllah... if not then Wednesday... And yeah, I know I skipped Tuesday... Tuesdays are for my bowling league... I bowl in the Genentech league in Vacaville, sister got the hookups even though she doesn't come bowl with us any more... lol... I did put on a clinic last Tuesday night when I started my second game with five strikes in a row (my best streak ever)... We still lost all three games and four points last week... Kinda unfair if you ask me, the other team had a pretty high handicap so unless I broke 250 every game, there was no way for us to beat'em that night... ANYWAY...... gotta get ready for tomorrow morning so take care and salams................

  عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

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